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Jinotega is both a city and a department in Nicaragua. The city is the capital of the department.

Jinotega Department

The department is located in the northern part of the country and borders to honduras. It is one of the largest departments in nicaragua and the biggest producer of coffey in the country. It is souronded by Matagalpa to the south, RAAN to the east, and Estelí, Madriz, and Nueva Segovia. It covers an area of 9,755 km² and has a population of 297,300

Jinotega contains the following municipalities:

  1. El Cuá

  2. Jinotega

  3. La Concordia

  4. San José de Bocay

  5. San Rafael del Norte

  6. San Sebastián de Yalí

  7. Santa María de Pantasma

  8. Wiwilí

Jinotega City

The city of about 50 000 people are also known as "La Ciudad de las Brumas" ("City of Mists"). It is unclear when the city was claimed by the Spanish but it is known to be before 1731. Before the Spanish settled the down it was an Indian Settlement. The local tails claim that the area was settled by five spanish families around year 1700.

The meaning of the mane Jinotega is hotly debated. The word is derived from the Nahuatl word "Xinotencatl" but some claim the meaning of that word to be "Neighbors of the Jiñocuabos" while others claim it to mean "City of the Old Men" and that it was a referens to the old age the Indian who lived here achieved,

Tourist that want to visit Jinotega will find plenty to see ranging from historical buildings and the Sandino Museum to coffey plantations, (0% of the nations coffey is grown here after all) and stunning nature. Some parts of Jinotega can not be recommended to tourist as they are to be considered dangourous. This include Wiwili, a wild west type gold digger city located in the mountains and home to seven casinos and countless brothels. Large part of Jinotega is however completely safe for tourists.

Tourist will find cheap food, cheap hotels and modern conviniences ranging from phone and internet to atms.